Easy, Summer Makeup Look in under 10mins.

I wanted to share my quick, summer makeup look with you all. Not only is this my everyday mom look, but it’s also my “working from home” dolled-up look. I’m all for whatever makes me look put together and bonus that it only takes me about 7-8 mins to complete this look. Everything will be linked for you, so let’s get into it!

Once my face is all prepped and moisturized, I put on the Tarte Maracuja tinted hydrator. (I wear shade: 25N light medium neutral) I love that it is feathery-light so not cakey at all, and it definitely hides my redness and pores…yay! I love that I can wear it alone to give me a glowy face, or I can add some pressed powder for a dewy finish.

Next, I work on my eyebrows. I went back to the Maybelline total temptation brow definer eyebrow pencil. (I’m wearing shade: 310 medium brown) It is really easy to use with its twist to apply mode. I only fill in the bare spots and align the bottom of my eyebrows. You don’t need to sharpen it and it even has a spoolie on the other side so that you can brush, smooth and blend everything for a perfect brow! Ps, ever since I’ve used this eyebrow pencil, some people think I have micro bladed my brows! How crazy is that?! It really is a great tool!

After that, I like to apply this Laura Mercier translucent setting powder on my under eyes. I dab a little bit on my ring finger and gently dab it under my eyes. I really love how it brightens my under eye without having to use a heavy concealer, and it hides my fine lines so well! This powder has never creased, so I never have to worry about those weird cakey-looking lines that I would normally get when I apply concealer. I also dab a little bit on my eyelids to prevent them from getting oily throughout the day!

I then apply pressed powder all over my face. I really love the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. (I wear shade: 003 natural) It feels really light but it covers so well, oh, and bonus that it’s only $3! I know, what?! I like to apply it with an EcoTools face brush for an even, and dewy finish. Like I mentioned, you can skip this if you want more of that glowy face. But because my face is more oily, I like to apply this pressed powder and it literally keeps my face dewy all day long!

Now I do eyes. I like to apply brown eyeliner for a day look, but you can also use black eyeliner as well. I have been using the Maybelline Master Precise Allday Liquid liner. I only apply a thin line by starting from mid eyelid down to the end with a very soft “cat-eye” finish. Next, I apply the Loreal Voluminous primer and finish it with one coat of the Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara (I wear color: blackest black.) I only do one coat and I also apply a small amount on the bottom lashes using a back and forth “fan-like” motion. This mascara never irritates my eyes, and I don’t ever have a problem with flaking. It really makes my eyes pop!

Next I move on to blush and highlighter. I’ve been using this combo by Tarte, they no longer sell the exact one I use, but I’ve linked a very similar one below. The thing I love about it is how compact it is, and it has exactly what I need! I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks using the EcoTools blush brush and then I finish it with the highlighter to really give my face an instant glow! I apply the highlighter with this fan-looking brush also by EcoTools.

This next thing I do is optional, but I feel a very necessary step in my makeup routine. Using the eyebrow pencil I like to go over my eyebrows by brushing out any powder that might have fallen, and re-darken the bottom brow line one more time. I also lightly go over my three “beauty marks” to really make those pop! After all, those three moles are what make me unique, so I don’t want to hide them. I darken the mole on my chin, my left cheek, and the one on my right eyebrow. (Made you look? Now you notice them! haha you’re welcome!) If you have a lot of “beauty marks” I say just pick the ones that stand out the most šŸ™‚

Lastly, I put on a little bit of lip color. I love the NYX Butter Gloss (I’m wearing color: praline.) I can’t say that this lasts all day, or that it won’t run off after eating or drinking but I could tell you that the price is fantastic and that you will be happy with how pretty it makes your lips look!

So that’s it! Momma’s all dolled up for the day! Please let me know if you have any questions šŸ™‚ You can also watch a video of me applying this exact makeup look over on my IGTV.

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